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How does it work?

As a trained and empathetic counsellor, I give young people an opportunity to be heard and understood by providing a safe, confidential space for young people to talk and get things off their chest.

Overtime trust develops and a therapeutic bond. This creates a bridge that allows the young person to gain an insight into themselves, what might be happening to them and why they might end up doing unhelpful things like shutting others out, getting angry and struggling in school.

During the sessions I will model positive communication skills, use empathy and active listening to help guide the young person to become more self-aware, to feel less awkward and be more self-accepting.

YP 15+

Counselling Young People 15+

I offer practical, structured interventions within the session, like breathing exercises and pyscho-educational training. These help to inform and focus them on what their bodies and minds are doing. It helps them to take back control in a sometimes-scary world.

What makes the difference?

For change to happen, the young person needs to:

  • Choose to come to counselling by their own free will.

  • Be prepared to try to talk to the counsellor when they’re ready.

  • Have personal goal(s) in mind about what they want from counselling.

  • Want to actively be involved in retraining themselves to be less stressed, a better communicator and to have more self-confidence.

  • Be willing to have a go.


Positive outcomes

I believe all young people and children can through counselling, learn to like themselves more, build up their self-esteem, develop an inner resilience, decrease their psychological stress and most importantly trust in their own ability to make the right choices for themselves.

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