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How can I help you?

Building resilience | Anxiety and depression | Social isolation and loneliness | Bereavement and loss | Love and connection in your relationships | Past events that affect how you cope with your life today (Trauma) | Anger | 14 + Young people's therapy

Building resilience


Are you struggling to recover from life's blows? Do you want to say no, but don't know how? If you find yourself unable to trust yourself or others and manage life's disruptions, sorrows and struggles, I can work with you on your inner resilience and wellbeing.


We'll work together to build your resilience, through connection, and repair the damage of feeling anxious and depressed. You'll learn how to feel empowered and work out how to manage change and maintain successful, caring and compassionate relationships, both personally and professionally.

Anxiety and depression

When you're feeling worried and anxious, your thoughts can become overwhelming, confused and obsessive. You might also find yourself replaying things in your head on repeat. (F&F link). I'll help you to manage your anxiety to reduce and eventually stop this behaviour.
Depression can creep in when we lose meaning or purpose. If you find yourself saying, 'what's the point', I'll help you focus on bringing your true self back, as we acknowledge your sadness and emotions. I'll help you to stay calm and present and notice what's happening in your body as well as your mind. 


Social isolation and loneliness

​Long-term loneliness can cause damage and distress, especially when we don't feel needed, valued or safe. As human beings, we want to be close to others. We seek touch and connection. 

By reaching out to me, you're taking your first step towards asking for help. You'll begin to step away from your spiral of despair and start to lessen your repetitive, negative thoughts. 

Bereavement and loss

Whether it be your job, contact with others, your health or very sadly the death of a loved one - we can all feel the ripple effects of loss.

Struggling to cope, feeling stressed, angry, sad or losing sleep are all physical and mental effects of grief and loss. I'll help you recognise what is happening to you, feel calm and accepting of the changes thrust on you.

Love and connection in your relationships

As the saying goes, 'They f*** you up, your mum and dad'. Nobody chooses their parents, grandparents and relatives. Still, they significantly affect how we manage our relationships for the rest of our lives.  


Are you single, with a few broken, close relationships but want more success at connecting with friends and future partners? We'll explore your personality, self-esteem and love, to understand more about how your childhood might be determining the quality and stability of your relationships.

Past events that affect how you cope with your life today (Trauma)

Past events can greatly affect how we cope with our lives today. So, how can we step out of the vicious cycles that trauma creates in our bodies (such as sleep disturbances) and allow our bodies and brains to recover? 


I'll use grounding exercises to help you stay calm and come back to the present moment, during or after a flashback, or when you feel triggered by a scary past event.


Do you find yourself regularly being sarcastic, or moaning and shouting at those you love? Do you have sudden outbursts because somebody or something presses your buttons? These can be feelings of anger that we hold onto and express in many forms. 

If you feel stuck in a place of resentment and rage, maybe frightening yourself as well as others, we'll explore this emotion and where you want to see change. I'll help you to process the cause of your outbursts and help you learn how to stay calm and build resilience.

14+ Young People's therapy

I aim to help children' feel safe enough to know what they know and feel what they feel' (Van der Kolk, 2017). I work with 14+ years young people and help them to build trust, feel engaged and safe.

For the last 10 years, I've worked in secondary schools supporting young people, especially those with Special Educational Needs and learning disabilities. I bring an inclusive and accepting attitude into my therapy and give children as much autonomy as safely possible.

I believe in a 'team' approach with input and support from parents and carers. I work with a range of interventions, that include talking therapy, psycho-education, movement and relaxation as well as art, stories, and play objects.

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